Grand Architect and the web

 I tell you three Spiritual mutations: how the Spirit  
​becomes a camel, the camel a lion, and the lion finally a child 

 Friedrich Nietzsche 

Our mind is in permanent state of flux. A Freemason is in a permanent state of flux, too. 
Suddenly the symbols get a new meaning. Craft and Scottish Rite: Is there a contradiction in the changing meaning of the symbols? Should we give up our view we had so far as wrong? No. 

It is similar concerning the views of the world of science, e.g. Newton’s theory and Einstein’s theory. They are different world views. But you cannot say that one is right, the other wrong... Likewise you cannot say that the former view is erroneous that the sun revolves around the earth. In a specific context it can be true. 

 The meaning of Masonic symbolism is not unambiguous or definite. It depends on the abilities and needs of man. The development of symbolic meaning becomes revident in the ritual voyages. 
  It is similar concerning the change of paradigms of the world view. Paradigm is all the knowledge of an era about men and the world. However, the  modern atractive Swedish authors Alexander Bard and Jan Soederqvist („Netocracy”) call it a system of prejudices. 

  The philosopher of paradigms change in the 19th century was Friedrich Nietzsche: „God is dead!” That is not negation of the higher being. That is not negation of Deity. That is not negation of Grand Architect. That is negation of a uniform truth (dogma). In our time we pass from the paradigm of industrial society to the paradigm of information society. 

  Let us look the character of our age. Today young people can have more information in a few minutes than a learnd person of the former century in his whole life-time. The question about the quality of information remains open. How can we prevent drowning in the flood of data? The quantity of information is worth nothing when we are not capable of understanding how things are connected. In this respect the language of symbols is richer than the abundance of information. 

  However we should take into account the rules of this age of information. Bard and Soederqvist speak today about nets in the internet where valuable information is only available to insiders. It looks like a parallel to the Alchemists and the secret knowledge of secret societies. 

Bard and Soederqvist: Not the strongest will survive, but who is able to adapt to changing circumstances. Nietzsche: I love those who do not know to live... Thus Nietzsche praises the human being who does not give in blindy to the current, but can carry away others. 

 Computer and internet have a deep influence on our age. We should master them. But the most important computer and internet are hidden in Man himself. The most extensive knowledge is to be found in Man. We have to discover the Royal Art. The symbols are but the language of this revelation. 

M:.P:.Bro:. Ilmars L. Jung, 33˚ 
Riga, 13.10.2007.