BAM proposes the furthering of the higher degrees of the royal art through joint ritual work, seminars, conferences and workshops for the exchange of ideas. A cultural programme would add to these ideas.

Each year, on a rotational basis, BAM is hosted in one of the Baltic states. Each event is organized by the Supreme Council (SC) in whose territory the event takes place. The other two states support the event, including agreed upon financial rsponsibilities. The hosting SC creates an organizing comittee. The other two SC provide their official contactperson, who takes part in the comittee’s work.

The first joint Baltic assembly of the higher degrees took place in Vilnius on the 26 and 27 of September, 2008. The SC for Lithuania organized this event with the active support of the SC for Latvia. The SC for Estonia was represented by the Sovereign Grand Commander in person. This event was the successful trial step in the future joint work. 

From the 11 - 13 September of 2009 BAM will take place in Latvia. The SC for Estonia has expressed it’s desire to be actively involved. It is expected that this will be the next solid step towards the continuation of the BAM tradition.

The SC for Estonia has promised to organize BAM in 2010.


Riga 2009   

Baltic Annual meeting (BAM) is a joint Baltic annual masonic event for the higher degrees. It is the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian higher degree annual assembly and festival. 

 The main goals of the event are: 

  • To strengthen and coordinate the higher degrees and Freemasonry in general in the Baltic countries. 

  • To unite and coordinate resources for each country’s higher degrees annual assembly. 

  • To unite our strengths and ideas, to add to the advancement of Freemasonry in the world. 

  • To inspire creative and responsible ideas for the advancement of Freemasonry in the Baltic region.